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  • Thursday April 23, 2020
  • By Electro-Ref Tech

MIDEA Air Conditioner Price in Nepal

Midea is the World’s No. 1 air treatment brand and China’s top export corporation. They have brought millions of air conditioning units into homes all around the Nepal and the world.The Midea Residential Air Conditioner Division(RAC) offers a full range of residential AC products from splits, window, and portable ACs to dehumidifiers, air purifiers and light commercial units. Buy your AC from a world leading brand.

MIDEA Group is an expert in the HVAC sector, and one of the top air conditioning manufacturers in the world. Price of Midea brand’s Air conditioners in Nepal by Electro-Ref Tech Pvt. Ltd. ;


TypeMidea Wall Mounted Non Inverter Blanc Series
0.75 TonMSMAA-09HRN155,000.0047,300.00
1.0 TonMSMAB-12HRN157,000.0049,020.00
1.5 TonMSMAC-18HRN177,000.0066,220.00
2.0 TonMSMAD-24HRN198,000.0084,280.00
Midea Wall Mounted Inverter Xtreme Series with WiFi
1.0 TonMSAGB-12HRFN1 74,000.00 63,640.00
1.5 TonMSAGC-18HRFN1102,000.0087720.00
2.0 TonMSAGD-24HRFN1130,000.00 111,800.00
Midea Ceiling Cassette Non Inverter AC
1.0 TonMCA-12HRN187,000.00 74,820.00
1.5 TonMCC-18HRN197,000.00 83,420.00
2.0 TonMCD-24HRN1130,000.00 111,800.00
3.0 TonMCD-36HRN1200,000.00 172,000.00
4.0 TonMCD-48HRN1215,000.00 184,900.00
Midea Ceiling Cassette Inverter AC
1.0 TonMCA-12HRFN1120,000.00103,200.00
1.5 TonMCA-18HRFN1150,000.00129,000.00
2.0 TonMCD-24HRDN1160,000.00137,600.00
4.0 TonMCD-48HRDN1265,000.00227,900.00
Midea Floor Standing AC
2.0 TonMFPA400-24ARN1152,000.00130,720.00
4.0 TonMFGA-48HRN1210,000.00 180,600.00
Midea Ceiling Exposed AC
2.0 TonMUE-24HRN1132,000.00 113,520.00
4.0 TonMUE-48HRN1220,000.00 189,200.00
Midea Ductable Type AC
2.0 TonMTB-24HWN1144,000.00 123,840.00
4.0 TonMTB-48HWN1230,000.00 197,800.00
Midea Ductable Inverter AC
1.0 TonMTI-12HWFN1102,000.0087,720.00
1.5 TonMTI-18HWFN1142,000.00122,120.00
2.0 TonMTI-24HWFN1167,000.00143,620.00



  • Installation Charge will be varies by the capacity of Air Conditioner and installation sight.
  • Warranty period fixed by brands rules.
  • Free delivery within Kathmandu, Bhakhtapur and Lalitpur area of Nepal.
  • Installation & accessories cost extra.


Midea began as a small company producing electric fans and parts in 1968. In 1985, Midea broke into the air conditioning sector, launching the production of residential ACs, and in 1989 we began producing commercial ACs. Midea is now the world’s No.1 air treatment brand in terms of production volume. Today, our HVAC brands family includes the flagship brand Midea, as well as Clivet and MDV. Through these brands together, Midea Group markets its residential and commercial AC products on a global scale.


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