AEREM-100 ( The Virus Hunter )

THE VIRUS HUNTER -EFFECTIVE AGAINST COVID-19 -AEREM 100 IONISER Ioniser / Purifier    PERFECT BATTLE-AXE  ON COVID The innovative product, incorporating cutting edge technology is specially developed for the efficient killing of BACTERIA & VIRUSES that exists in the air. It has a small and exquisite appearance and is suitable for products that are deployed in homes, offices ,Cars […]

  • Brand Name : RRPS4E
  • Product : Brand New
  • Model No. : AEREM100
  • Warranty : 1 Year

NPR 10,575.00


Ioniser / Purifier 



The innovative product, incorporating cutting edge technology is specially developed for the efficient killing of BACTERIA & VIRUSES that exists in the air. It has a small and exquisite appearance and is suitable for products that are deployed in homes, offices ,Cars and elevators. Through five kinds of high-tech devices such as -Ultraviolet rays, -O3 active oxygen , -Nano-level photo catalyst, -Negative ion generator, – Activated carbon filter, using Chemical crushing method and electronic smashing technology, it can efficiently kill various bacteria and viruses. Added function offered is Air purification. 


  • S4E, an leading player in the Electro optics products and Innovation Technology segment in Mumbai from India. Has been established to specifically acquire technologies by virtue of Make in India. With the pool of Technocrats S4E have addressed the needs of the Nation and the society. The pandemic has created a BIG SHIFT in the living pattern of the people and have put them in a formidable climate. We are working on all the permutation combination for a global suitable solution.


The Making of AEREM-100

The Design Art Team has conceptualized the design after a serious Behavior Analytics of the End User. This Pandemic has given a Paradox Shift to various habits of people, So, the Challenge to the team is to Narrow down to a universal User-Friendly Design.

The Concept Reference for Easy Recall is shortlisted to Mosquito / Insect Killers / Air purifiers / Table and Bed Top Clocks. Since the Product is positioned as the Personalized device the influencing ingredients like SIZE / POWER SOURCE / FUNCTIONALITY / Durability / Cost / Design Ergonomics information’s are taken into account to Craft AEREM-100.

The Look and Out Fit is designed to ensure the features of HUNTER with BOLD, STABLE and FOCUS as the Out Fit.

This product has been certified by the ICMR,CE ISO for this recent pandemic to disinfect the near virus and can be use anywhere.

1. It solve many challenges to governing bodies and ensures to be a techno shield for end users.
2. Air Purifier Capabilities
3. Eyesight Protection
4. Safe and handless
5. Highly Efficient
6. Affordable and Portables
7. Green and Environment Friendly
8. Efficient killing of Bacteria Viruses.
9. Car sterilization and Deodorization
10. Remove pollutants
11. Mildew proof
12. Remove smoke
13. Eradicate animals infection disease.

Accessories: –
– Sterilizer: 1
– Essential Oil: 2
– Activated carbon filter: 2
– Manual: 1
– DC 12V plug: 1
– Home adaptor: 1

More about Aerem 100 Ionizer

  • Tear off the adhesive paper on three-foot pads on the bottom of the product, and stick it in a suitable position in the cab or in a suitable position in the room.
  • If you want to use aromatherapy, please open the hole cap of the aroma bottle into the position of the aroma bottle of the host, cover the cap of the aroma bottle and screw it tightly.
  • Select the appropriate power cord according to the different places in use, insert the elbow end of the power cord into the hole of the host, and insert the other end into the cigarette lighter of the car or the indoor mains socket.
  • This machine adopts one-touch switch mode to control the switch. Press the button on the top of the machine, followed by small wind, strong wind and shutdown. The indicator lights are blue, red and shutdown. You can switch the air volume according to your needs.


1. There is a high voltage and ultraviolet rays in the main units. Do not disassemble the main unit by yourself to avoid hurting the human body and damaging the parts of the machine.
2. The replacement of activated carbon filter depends on the air quality and frequency of use. It is recommended to replace it every 6 months. When replacing, just turn the machine upside down, open the filter cover, take out the old filter, put the new filter in, and then buckle the filter cover. The old filter can be washed with clear water, dried and stored, and can be used again. The cumulative use time of the same activated carbon filter is not more than 12 months.
3. When replacing the aromatherapy, you need to take out the aromatherapy bottle, remove the deodorizes aroma stick in the bottle, add a new aroma stick, and then put the aroma bottle into the position of the aroma bottle of the host, buckle the aroma bottle hole cap and screw it tightly. Aromatherapy sticks can be purchased from the company after use.

Efficiently kill bacteria and viruses in the car and room
Expert in sterilization I Air Guard I Essential in the Interior Necessities of the Life

Fivefold sterilization: Nano-scale, Photo catalyst, UV, Reactive oxygen species, Active charcoal filter, Air negative ion generator.
Purifying air: Aromatherapy, Air negative ion generator and Active charcoal filter, helps removes dust, purifies and refreshes the air.
Protect eyesight: High concentration of negative ions can effectively reduce eye fatigue caused by high voltage static electricity of computer.
Safe and harmless: Testing and certification done by authorized organizations certifying that the Product is non-toxic and harmless to humans, safe and reliable.
Long-term and efficient: AEREM 100 sterilizer use photoelectric principle, physical method, thereby allowing it to be used for a long time without any installation and commissioning.
Affordable and portable: High quality and inexpensive, Free to move, Value for Money.
Green and environment friendly: Does not release any harmless substances.
Compact size: Easy to move and place, can easily switch between home, car and office and protect the human body from viruses.

Efficient killing of bacterial viruses
The AEREM 100 sterilizer can quickly destroy DNA and RNA in bacteria and virus in a few seconds, and effectively kill viruses and various and various bacteria in the car and room. It also effective against COVID-19, Influenza, Hepatitis, Avian influenza, Diphtheria, Meningitis, Cholera and other related infectious diseases.

Car sterilization and deodorization
AEREM 100 sterilizers can be easily installed in the car to effectively remove bacteria, viruses, smoke, food odor etc. and retain fresh air in the car.
Remove decoration pollution
Hazardous substance (such as formaldehyde, benzene, dust) comes from home decoration, household appliances and furniture are very harmful to the human body. These harmful substances may cause symptoms such as cancer, decreased immunity and mental depression. AEREM 100sterilizer can decompose these harmful substances into carbon dioxide and water, effectively removing harmful substances.
Mildew proof
A large number of molds are hidden in the air, which will cause these molds to multiply in the rainy season and humid environments. AEREM 100sterilizer can effectively inhibit mold growth.
Eradicates Smoke
Second hand smoke is very harmful to the human body, especially to families with pregnant women, children, and, the elderly. AEREM 100 sterilizer can eliminate the smell of smoke in confined spaces such as indoors and cars.

AEREM 100 sterilizer has built in aromatherapy. The purified air will have a fresh fragrance, which can not only remove the original odor in the air, but also make people feel comfortable.

Eradicate animal infectious diseases
Animals often becomes carries of viruses and bacteria which are likely to infect humans through the air. The AEREM 100 Hunter is effective against viruses and bacteria in the air, so you can rest assured with pets around.
Prevent Air-conditioning diseases
Various fungi, and germs that accumulate on the air conditioners filter net can cause people to suffer from air conditioning disease. The AEREM 100 sterilizer can remove all kinds of harmful microorganisms that are spread into the air through the air conditioner.
Perfect eyesight
The high- level negative ions produced by the AEREM 100 sterilizer can effectively relieve eye fatigue caused by static electricity, thereby achieving the purpose of protecting eyesight.


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