HITACHI 1.0 Ton Wall Mount DC Inverter Split Air Conditioner

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  • Brand Name : Hitachi
  • Product : Brand New
  • Model No. : RAU013AWXAE
  • Warranty : 1 Year
  • Installation Fee : Rs 3000
  • Delivery Fee : Free

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                                        Superior Japanese Technology

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Hitachi is a Japanese multinational conglomerate, which specializes in manufacturing cutting-edge air conditioners. Hitachi is design their air conditioners with the versatility, innovation, and great energy efficiency in large appliances are observed to the key theme in the Hitachi AC.

It offer a complete catalog of Hitachi split AC ranging from residential to commercial. Nowadays It not cools or heat your room but also makes the environment around your room free from pollution.

HITACHI 1.0 Ton DC Inverter Wall Mount Split Air Conditioner at Best Price in Nepal


Product Description

If your house is not as much cold as you want it to be, then you will loose interest especially in your work – isn’t it?. This Hitachi  AC consists of a Tropical Compressor as well as an Eco-friendly Refrigerant which lets you chill in your house without you worrying about the safety of environment.
Filter Clean Indicator – You’ll Know When It’s Time to Clean

Cleaning regularly your AC filter is as necessary as cleaning your house. This Hitachi air conditioner has a Filter Clean Indicator which lets you know when to clean filter of filter. This filter makes sure that your AC doesn’t use extra power and works efficiently.



Tropical Compressor – For a More Efficient Cooling Experience

Do you also when suddenly your room becomes hot and you cant help it?.  This Hitachi Split AC makes use of Tropical Inverter Technology which has a different variable speed tropical compressor, that usually helps in giving you a proper cooling experience as long as you desire. It can even work efficiently at 52 degrees.



Eco-friendly Refrigerants – The Environment’s Got a Friend in It

Refrigerants are popularly known for having a bad result on the ozone layer. However, this is not possible with Hitachi air conditioner since it makes use of an Eco Green Refrigerant R-410 which will not result in ozone layer depletion.




100% Copper – Because the More the Merrier

This Hitachi AC uses a Copper Tube Condenser, an Evaporator as well as Interconnecting Pipes which are created from very good quality copper to ensure that it puts a great and very-efficient performance.




Home is not just a place, it’s a feeling-

High-performance inverter split ACs from Hitachi Air ensures faster and efficient cooling of your home while keeping your energy bills to the minimum.

Sensations of comfort and calm-

With steady cooling compressor Hitachi split inverter ACs gives you high ambient cooling even at 52 degree to provide you instant relief from scorching heat.

A cool, deep breath of fresh air-

Hitachi air conditioners come with stainless steel coated filters which helps in improving the air quality inhibiting the growth of bacteria and removes any foul odors in the room to give cool and fresh air.


Advance Features of Hitachi 1.0 Ton Inverter AC

  • iSense (Activity Sensor Technology)
  • Expandable
  • Penta Sensor
  • Stainless Steel Coated Filter
  • Tropical Design
  • 100% Inner Grooved Copper Tubes
  • Stabilizer Free Operation
  • Filter Clean Indicator
  • 4-Way Air Swing

Key Features of Hitachi 1.0 Ton Inverter AC

  • Auto Off
  • Power Save Mode
  • Asymmetric Swing
  • Defrosting Sensor
  • One Touch Silent Fan speed
  • On/Off Timer
  • Auto Mode
  • Auto Restart Mode
  • Sleep Timer
  • Dry Mode (Dehumidification)
  • Super Cool Mode
  • Heat Mode
  • Cool Mode
  • Fan Mode
  • Auto Fan Speed
  • Superfine Mesh Filter
  • Pre Coated Aluminum Fins 
  • Eco Green Refrigerant


Specifications of Hitachi 1.0 Ton DC Inverter Wall Mount AC 

Model Name Kashikoi
Tonnage Class 1.0 TR
Unit Model RAU013AWXAE
Type Wall Mount DC Inverter Split AC
Compressor Type Rotary
Color White
Function Cooling / Heating
Rated Cooling Capacity (100 % load) 12523 Btu/hr
Maximum Cooling Capacity 13307 Btu/hr
Rated Cooling Capacity (100 % load) 3670 Watts
Maximum Cooling Capacity 3900 Watts
EER 3.53 W/W
Rated Heating Capacity 15013 Btu/hr
Maximum Heating Capacity 17402 Btu/hr
Rated Heating Capacity 4400 Watts
Maximum Heating Capacity 5100 Watts
Rated Heating C.O.P 4.00 W/W
Fan Speed Steps 5
Air Flow (IDU) (Cooling/Heating) 460/425 CFM
Sound Level* (IDU) (Cooling/Heating) 26/26 dB
Rated Power Supply 230 Volt, 50 Hz, 1 Phase,
Rated Current (Cooling) 4.8 Amps
Rated Current (Heating) 5.2 Amps
Rated Power Input (Cooling) 1040 Watts
Maximum Power Input (Cooling) 1200 Watts
Rated Power Input (Heating) 1100 Watts
Maximum Power Input (Heating) 1500 Watts
Net Dimension (IDU) (W×H×D) 997×294×294 mm
Dimension (ODU) (W×H×D) 750×548×288 mm
Net Weight (IDU) 13 Kg
Net Weight (ODU) 35 Kg
Refrigerant Pipe Diameter 1/4" / 3/8" (Inches)

What’s in the box :- Indoor Unit, Outdoor Unit, 10 Ft Connecting Pipe, Remote controller and Catalogs.


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