Whirlpool 1.5 Ton Wall Mount DC Inverter Split Air Conditioner

Product Description Whirlpool Fantasia Inverter Air Conditioner SPIW 412 can be a perfect choice for you and your family with its cutting-edge features. This 1.0 ton AC with its cooling capacity of 12000 BTU and can be a suitable addition to your home or your office during those hot summer months. The Inverter powered AC […]

  • Brand Name : Whirlpool
  • Product : Brand New
  • Model No. : SPIW418
  • Warranty : 8 Years on Compressor
  • Installation Fee : Rs 4000
  • Delivery Fee : Free

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Product Description

Whirlpool Fantasia Inverter Air Conditioner SPIW 412 can be a perfect choice for you and your family with its cutting-edge features. This 1.0 ton AC with its cooling capacity of 12000 BTU and can be a suitable addition to your home or your office during those hot summer months. The Inverter powered AC is energy efficient and saves money on your electricity bills. Silent operation allows the AC to run without any noise even at full power. Fireproof electrical enclosure provides safety from accidents. The Heavy Duty Compressor will make sure that you use the AC without any worry for years. And the Whirlpools promise of incredible service is always there.


Switch on the freshness

6TH SENSE® Inverter Technology

It continuously monitors the room temperature and constantly regulates the cooling to ensure optimum comfort.

6TH SENSE® Hot & Cold Technology

It constantly calibrates the temperature of the air flow with its Dynamic Heat System to ensure comfortable heating in winters and quickly cooling in summers.

6TH SENSE® Power Saver

Currently controlled by a microprocessor inside AC Power Saver 6th Sense® detects room temperature and airflow controls accordingly. This alignment helps to save up to 20% in electricity bills.

Auto Cleaning

The Blower Motor keeps on working for 30 seconds even after switching off the unit through Remote control. This is mainly to remove moisture & impurities which are normally stuck inside the cooling coil resulting in Bacteria formation. So, whenever the unit is switched on next time, it should not produce bad smell while starting.

Hepa Filter

HEPA  (High Efficiency Particulate Air) is an air filtration medium scientifically defined by the Institute of Environmental Science for its 99.97 percent efficiency in capturing dust particles as minutes as 0.3 microns

6TH SENSE® Auto Restart

Air Conditioner restarts after power interruption by maintaining the user’s previous setting. Therefore, no need to set the temperature and fan speed every time.

6TH SENSE® Sleep

This feature allows the AC to keep pace with changes in metabolism automatically human body at night. This means that the set temperature increases by 1°C per hour, up to 2°C every two hours, ensuring that the user does not feel too cold at night. Besides offering optimal comfort, this feature also enables significant savings of energy.


100% copper unit*, where the indoor evaporator unit, outdoor condenser unit and all connecting pipes and tubes are made of copper.

* 100% Copper implies copper condenser and pipes. Feature available in select models


The Multi Port Fluid Injection uses a unique 4×4 evaporator circuit design for rapid heat exchange resulting in enhanced cooling capacity and power savings.


Its advanced MPFI technology with fusion of a smart circuit design and capillary design, ensures instant comfort and fast cooling.

Hidden Display

This display seamlessly blends into the design and can be hidden or revealed as per your choosing.


Metal-Enclosed Fire Proof Control Box

At Whirlpool safety comes first. Adhering to strict international & American safety standards it comes with a metal shell with a fireproof case for the control box.

Take delight in the pristine experience of Next Generation Air Conditioners from Whirlpool!

When a global experience of over 100 years invested in designing consumer durables, you can be happy and contended as you will get the most cutting-edge air conditioning technologies in the world. Designed with pioneering technologies and elegant designs, Whirlpool’s split air conditioners keeps you cool on hot, sweltering summer days and offer heating functions for icy winter nights too. In addition to offering contemporary air conditioners, we also offer world-class service and support to help ensure that your troubleshooting requirements are taken care of in a quick turnaround time.

Whirlpool’s next generation range of ACs lead by the contemporary 3D Cool Range of ACs is the best choice to seamlessly cool any space. Powered by 6th Sense Intellicomfort & other progressive technologies like Dual Fan Compressor & 4 in one filtration with anion shield, the 3D Cool AC range promises to give you an unprecedented cooling experience..

6th Sense® IntelliComfort:

Don’t worry about changing your Air Conditioner setting for a higher or a lower than normal humid day. The 6th Sense IntelliComfort Technology rids you off this worry. Embedded with a Smart Intuitive Logic Chip, the technology enables a smart communication between the indoor and outdoor unit to adjust and adapt the AC Operations basis humidity levels. So you just have to sit back and enjoy faster cooling coupled with energy savings.

3D Cool Technology:

Experience faster cooling with 3D vents that assist in getting rid of hot air out of the room quicker while circulating more cold air inside This combined with long air throw of up to 12M delivers a cooling performance like no other.

Dual Fan Compressor Technology:

The enhanced compressor performance fosters 50% faster cooling even during acute conditions so you do not feel the discomfort of extreme outside temperature

4-in-1 Filtration With Anion Shield:

Your Air Conditioner not only cools but also ensures removal of 99% of harmful PM2.5 contaminants with its progressive 4-in-1 Filtration with Anion Shield. This ensures that your air inside your room is germ free and hygienic.

Smart Diagnosis:

The 3D Cool Smart AC has a real-time monitoring process that self-diagnosis any malfunction.

Our range

    • In Nepal, Whirlpool’s Split Air Conditioners are available in Fantasia model in Inverter technology’s and also available in Non-inverter / fixed speed AC. Choose from an energy rating of 3 star to 5 star and capacity range of 1.5 Ton to 1.5 Ton basis your requirement. Whirlpool Split ACs are equipped with the best in class features & Technologies like 3D Cool Technology, 6th Sense IntelliComfort, Dual Fan Compressor Technology, Long Air throw, Around U and Advanced MPFI Technology . A concoction of such powerful features are promises exceptional performance and superior energy saving.


The cooling capacity – BTU / hr: 18000 Btu / hr
The cooling capacity – Watt: 5000 W
Watt heating capacity: 5300 W
EER cooling: 6.1 Btu/Watt/hr
COP heating: 3.8 w
Energy Class (cooling / heating): A ++ / A
Noise – indoor – max: 46 dB
Noise – indoor – min: 35 dB
Dehumidification: 2 l / h
Airflow – max: 937 m3
Type of refrigerant: R410a
the amount of refrigerant: 1.32 kg
Climate class: T1


6th Sense conditioning: Yes
Sleep: Yes
DRY functions: Yes
Around U
ECO mode: Yes
Jet: Yes
Inverter technology: Yes
24 hour timer: Yes
Ventilator: Yes
Rotation: Yes
DIM function: Yes
Auto restart: Yes
Anti freeze: Yes
Type of compressor: Rotational

Climate control

Remote control: Yes

Air Treatment

Activated carbon filter
HEPA filter

Electrical parameters

Frequency: 50 Hz
Power – Cooling: 1540 W
Power consumption – heating: 1465 W


Indoor unit (wxhxd): 1002x315x238 mm
Outdoor Unit (WxHxD): 830x629x285 mm
Weight indoor / Outdoor: 12.5/38 kg

Brand : Whirlpool

Product : Air Conditioner

Type : Wall Mount Split Type

Technology : DC Inverter / Variable Speed

Capacity : 18000 Btu / Hr ( 1.5 Ton )

Whirlpool 1.0 Ton Wall Mount Non-Inverter Split Air Conditioner at best price in Nepal.

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