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  • Sunday June 13, 2021
  • By Electro-Ref Tech

Laptop-Computer Repair & Maintenance

All brands Laptop, Desktop Computer Repair & Maintenance Center Kathmandu

Our service engineers able to fix all types of problems regarding your Laptop and Computer. Our employees are highly trained and has lots of experience fixing laptops and computers. We provide hardware and software support for your required laptop, desktop, computer or notebook. There are various types of hardware supports that we specialize on. We able to fix any kind of power disturbances or charging problems. We also look at the internal problems like unstable BIOS computers hanging problem, slow or crashed windows and even install windows if required. We are also able to repair the broken LED/ Display of a laptop or monitor and replace one or both of the broken hinges with either metal or plastic hinges. If there is any type of display malfunction or the display is dead, then we provide new display ribbon or plex cable for your display.

We also provide you with upgrading or replacing your laptop and notebook components like HDD, SSD, M2 Card, RAM, Keyboard, battery, display panel and motherboard. And finally, we service all your laptop or notebook component and issues like overheating, cooling fan problem, USB port problem and replacement, charging port servicing, headphone port changing, touch-pad problem speaker servicing and changing of your speakers, one or both of them. We also provide servicing for any kind of Apple Products. We are able to fix all kinds of O/S problems, any hardware issue or problems and are able to change or upgrade your Apple laptop and notebook.

Desktop Computer & Laptop Home service facilities also available all over Lalitpur, Bhaktapur & Kathmandu valley at reasonable price. Also contact us for repairing Photocopy, Printers, CCTV, Networking & Telecommunications. We council for purchase best Laptop or Desktop for your needs.

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